Quick Hits: Orchard Park

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Orchard Park

Morehead Hill

7 townhomes
2,900 sq ft each (6 units), 2,500 sq ft (1 unit)

Purchase Price:
$350,000 (2017) - includes the building at 502 W Lakewood Ave as well

Estimated Cost:

Expected Completion Date:
Fall 2019

Each unit will be 3 stories with private elevators and rooftop spaces. They will also have an option for a separate unit or workspace on the ground floor. Units will be priced in the mid $700k range.

Qubic, LLC

These are more high-end units in an area that is getting more high-end residential soon. They are across from Orchard Park (where the development gets its name). They will have top notch finishes and be located near the American Tobacco Trail. They will also be very near another high-end project, The Terraces at Morehead Hill. This part of Morehead Hill that bleeds into "Southside" looks to be changing pretty rapidly. I do appreciate the trend towards including an ADU/in-law unit in townhomes that can also be seen in the "Eleven" townhomes project.

Below are a few more renderings from the developer:

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