I have put together a list of resources that relate to construction, development, infrastructure, and all the projects that shape Durham as well as other towns in the Triangle. This list will, just like the entire blog, grow and change over time.

Government Sites

  • Durham Transportation Projects: This is a great page from the City of Durham with real-time updates on biking and walking infrastructure as well as road projects and their estimated completion dates.
  • Durham iMaps: Big, interactive map of construction projects in Durham. This site is very data heavy, which can be great, or overwhelming, depending on what you are looking for.
  • Durham Development Services Center: The first site you should be visiting when you have your own project and are looking for information on permits, regulations, and instructions on navigating the initial phases of the project.
  • Durham Neighborhood College: If you are interested getting a deeper understanding of Durham and its government, this is a 9-week class that will do just that for you. I have yet to take this, but I have my eye on the next opening!

Durham Blogs and Resources

  • Bull City Rising: Currently inactive, but Kevin has put a lot of time and effort into some great analysis of all aspects of Durham as it grows and changes.
  • Open Durham: An amazing resource for the history of Durham, particularly historic buildings and sites. I can't overstate how impressive this site is for putting these resources together in one place.
  • Durham Hoods: A comprehensive map of the different neighborhoods of Durham and listserv and other info for each neighborhood.
  • Bites of Bull City: This resource isn't exactly about development, but Bites of Bull City is the major food blog of Durham and worth checking out! I particularly enjoy following the Upcoming Eateries section to keep tabs on new spaces and restaurants coming to Durham.

Other Triangle Resources

  • The Raleigh Connoisseur: A fantastic blog about the growth and development happening just down the road in downtown Raleigh.
  • The Top 5: Real estate and development newsletter from across the Triangle with some excellent commentary to go with it. Sign up and emails arrive about once a week.

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