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Central Park/Rigsbee

2 Buildings - 9 stories & 18 stories
500,000 SF total (345 apartments, 19,000+ retail space, parking, and a skybridge)
2.3 acres

Estimated Development Cost:

Expected Completion Date:

Four Points (Washington D.C. Based)

Phase 1 (9 stories) - 205 apartments, 13,146 SF of retail, 14,555 SF of accessory space
Phase 2 (18 stories) - 120 to 140 apartments, 6,000 SF of retail and amenity space

Wow - this is a HUGE project. Two buildings, one with 9 stories and one with 18 right on the same block as MotorCo and Geer St Garden. Here is the site map:

It will apparently have a sky bridge connecting the two buildings? This seems like a big leap for the area. In phase 1, I am not sure wha they mean by "accessory space" (maybe that is the sky bridge?), but the retail is said to include bar/nightclub space and restaurant space, although I am sure that will be subject to whatever tenant they are able to place in those spaces.

Also, plans show that while MotorCo is part of the parcel, it will be renovated as opposed to torn down. I will be waiting to hear more about this one. Wild.

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