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Durham Development Watchlist - November 2019

It's been a while since the last development watchlist. It seems that announcements and new projects have slowed down a smidge. I'm not sure if we should be attributing that to a threat of a pullback in the standard real estate cycle, or just a seasonal phenomenon. Once again, these projects are either rumored, subject to change, or I have limited info, so feel free to chime in with more info or projects that I may have missed. You can give your $0.02 on the forums!

I didn't add any of these projects to the ongoing development map for various reasons (size, updates, no set locations, etc).

A. Mt. Moriah Rd ProjectAddress: 3805 Mt Moriah Rd

264 Unit Apartment Complex
7,150 SF clubhouse
Development plan currently under review
B. Hoover Rd ProjectAddress: 608 S. Hoover Rd

6473 SF office and service building.
This looks like it will be office space for a current fencing contractor and not something that will hit the market for lease. C. UPDATE: Crown at 501 Address: Patterson Plac…

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