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Retail Businesses Need Customers (So Why Are We Opposed to New Housing?)

There is a basic concept that I think everyone can agree on: Retail businesses need customers It doesn't matter if those customers reach the business via the web, by walking down to the corner, or by driving to a mall. All businesses need customers. Given that, it is strange to me when I hear conversations in my neighborhood (Lakewood). On the one hand, there are so many voices speaking out against every new housing development. Developers are greedy. The neighborhood doesn't need more traffic. These projects are cutting down all the trees. All of the standard arguments that don't hold much water when scrutinized, but are prevalent nevertheless. At the same time, multiple restaurants and small businesses in my neighborhood can't quite get a foothold. They have sputtered and closed up shop. Sure, there are plenty of reasons for this: bad business plans, partnership infighting, and of course, COVID. However, even if one business is flawed, it doesn't account for the l

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