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Is the Durham Rail Trail Doomed to Mediocrity?

It's been a long time since the last post. Thank you for sticking around! Posts will likely continue to be sporadic, but I hope to get more content out periodically. Recently, Durham started community engagement for the Rail Trail (formerly the Belt Line). The will be conducting  public events . With my limited time, though, I jumped straight to the online survey . The questions on the survey concerned me a little, but more on that in a bit. I  wrote a post a LONG time ago about why I was excited for this project. Obviously, and predictably, it the project hasn't met its deadlines, but I am still optimistic about what the Rail Trail can bring to Durham. However, that optimism was tempered by the survey questions I saw. The first few questions are very open ended. "What excites you?" and "What concerns you?", etc. The last three questions are what gave me pause: What signs should be posted on this section of the trail to guide you and support navigation to p

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