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Quick Hits: RDU Changes

Quick hits are posts about development news as I hear about them! If you have feedback on the format, please share in the comments below!
RDU Changes Neighborhood:

6 story garage
11,850 parking spaces total (between old and new parking facilities) Purchase Price:
N/A Estimated Cost:
$500 million+ Expected Completion Date:

New parking facility with space to bring rental car companies within walking distance.
Of course, I don't normally post on development outside of Durham. I also am generally negative on new parking developments. But this is a special case - an airport (that affects the future of Durham a whole lot). I will be honest, having flown in and out of La Guardia in NYC a number of times, I never thought the process at RDU was all that bad. It's been a while since I rented a car here, but getting in and out of the airport is a relatively pleasant experience.That said, these changes look like they will make the experience even better.
11 rental car c…

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