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147: From Freeway to Boulevard - Pt 1: Design

Infrastructure spending is coming to the country. I will be honest, I have not yet dug in to what that means and what it could mean for Durham. I do know that I have heard more and more rumblings about highway removal. CNU recently released their latest  Freeways Without Futures report as well. I have previously written about the two dividing lines in downtown Durham, the train tracks and the freeway . These two gashes separate and isolate important parts of our city. For quite a while, I have wanted to explore in more detail, what converting the downtown portion of the Durham Freeway to a boulevard would look like. I am not a trained urban designer. I am not an engineer. I have a master's in planning, but have never actually practiced planning in the real world. So why am creating a three-part series exploring design, economic implications, and local impacts of a freeway conversion? My HOPE is that much more talented people will see this series and decide it is worth putting thei

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