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Quick Hits: State Legislation - Increase Housing Opportunities

  A new bill was introduced in the North Carolina state senate recently: SB 349 - Increase Housing Opportunities. I have no idea what its chances are of passing, but I have heard the goal is for it to go into effect this Fall. Here is the bill in its entirety , but I have outlined the major points below: It's a preemptive bill, which means that it would limit what cities and towns can do with their zoning laws. Quadplexes (up to four units) would be allowed anywhere that residential is allowed (in other words, no more single family zoning) I feel compelled to note that this DOESN'T mean that there will be no single family neighborhoods anymore, just that duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes will be ALLOWED to be built) Townhomes would be allowed anywhere that residential is allowed All uses, including residential would be allowed everywhere (in all zones). Cities/towns may only ban uses in certain zones that are deemed "an industrial use, a nuisance per se, or that does not

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