Quick Hits: Eleven - Townhomes in Old Five Points

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Old Five Points

11 Townhomes

Purchase Price:

Estimated Cost:

Expected Completion Date:
August 2019

All townhomes feature attached garage on the main floor, bedrooms on the second floor, and living/entertaining spaces on the third floor. Each unit will have a private courtyard and the first floor will feature a unit that can be separated for airbnb/granny unit, or any other private use.

White Oak Properties/Center Studio Architecture

More new residential space coming to Old Five Points, an area is set to really be changing rapidly. This is a smaller development, with just 11 units. The architecture seems a little "mod" for my taste, but that seems to be what is going up in that area. I can appreciate that different people have different tastes.

The great news is that it is new development where there used to be nothing. Urban Durham Realty will be handling the sale of these units. As always, Old Five Points will be an area that I will be watching closely! More photos below.

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