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Durham's Mixed Use Parking Garage

I will be honest. When I've driven the downtown loop and seen the construction at the corner of Morgan and Mangum, I didn't pay much attention. My thought process went something like this:

"Hmm, a new parking garage - what a waste of potential. It will be a dead zone that won't attract foot traffic or vibrancy"
"Oh well, at least it is replacing a parking lot, so we are just creating additional parking without changing much."
I was COMPLETELY wrong not to look into this further. The plan that Durham has for this parking garage is much more exciting. A Mixed-Use Parking Garage

Neighborhood: Downtowm
Size: 667 parking spaces, 15,687 sq ft of retail, 4,750 sq ft of office space
Estimated Cost: $23 million
Parking Cost: $1.25/hour (same as other downtown garages, cheaper than $1.50/hour street parking)
Expected Completion Date: January 2019
Details: Office space will be used by the Durham Transportation Parking Administrator and retail space will be leased/managed…

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