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A User-Generated Map of the Best Durham Spots

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am certainly thankful for Durham and its community. In that spirit, I have a favor to ask. I need your help because I want to create a map of all the places in Durham that are simply put, awesome. What's the best view of the skyline? What's the best dessert that nobody knows about? What hidden piece of history do people walk right by? These are the Durham Gems and whether or not they are "hidden" gems, they still make people happy. These are the gems that we can be thankful for!

I decided to do this after seeing this thread on the Bull City subreddit. I thought a more permanent and ongoing collection of interesting places would be fantastic.

Selfishly, I want to learn about new places that I haven't experienced yet. I figured other Durhamites might want the same. It also ties into answering the question: what is Durham's identity? Sure, these are small points of interest and don't capture what it means to live, work, and vis…

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