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When Small Business Contributes to Community

This post is specifically about the Lakewood neighborhood in Durham. However, I am sure there are great small business stories in neighborhoods across Durham. I usually save the prompt to contribute to the forums until the end of the post, but I would absolutely love to hear about owner-occupied commercial spaces across Durham. Please share any stories you have in the forum ! On the corner of Lakewood Avenue and Chapel Hill Rd, across from the Lakewood Shopping Center is a beloved local flower shop called Pine State Flowers. You may have even ordered flowers from here as they create arrangements and deliver. They also do weddings and events. What has always caught my eye was the parcel of land they are on: On that one parcel, there is the small Pine State Flowers building, two houses originally built as single-family homes, a beautiful brick commercial building, one garage/shed, and lots of open space. It’s all owned by Yoshi-San Properties LLC. That’s not all. In early 2021, Yoshi-San

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