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Transparency, Grab Bag, and Reader Feedback

The past few weeks have been busy for me, so I have an abbreviated post today. About Me First, a quick, small announcement. I have updated the About Me page to include first and last name and a link to my LinkedIn profile. When I started this blog, there were a few people that were upset that I was quasi-anonymous. I got some weird messages about it, which made me even less amenable to sharing too much about my personal life.
As someone who is interested in sharing ideas and contextualizing them to our city, I'm not sure that it matters too much that my identity is known. But, as someone who loves Durham for the community-feel and wants to connect and discuss ideas, I am made the call to put my full name on the blog.
I would love for people to reach out and connect! I have had great experiences with everyone I have been in touch with in Durham (just please don't be internet creepy...). Call for Content I have a number of posts in the pipeline that I am excited to write and sha…

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