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Transit in a Post-Light Rail Durham

I was excited for the light rail and when it died, it was frustrating. I would have loved to zip along that corridor, passing traffic and excited to see how to rest of the infrastructure was built out.

Now that the dream of the light rail is over, it is important not to give up on good transit in the area. There may be another way that might even be a better first step.

As much as downtown Durham is building infill development and adding density, Durham and the Triangle are still pretty sprawling. I'm not sure that is ever going to 100% change. We can work towards less sprawl, but never completely shed that attribute.

There are other cities that have had recent transit success, that are a little more like our region, a little more sprawling and interested in a context-specific solution. In his recent article, urban thinker Aaron Renn writes about the successes of cities like Indianapolis and Columbus.

He also wrote a companion article at City Lab with more detail on the Indy BRT …

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