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Quick Hits: RTP Town Center

Quick hits are posts about development news as I hear about them! If you have feedback on the format, please share in the comments below!

P.S. Quick note - the Police HQ is holding its grand opening this weekend!
RTP Town Center
RTP (147/I-40 Interchange)

12 Acres (within the 100 acres of "Park Center")150,000 square feet of mixed use spaceEstimated Cost:
Unknown - Durham County has provided $20 million towards the overall "Park Center" project Expected Completion Date:
End of 2020

Includes a grocery store, health club, a mix of small shops and restaurantsDeveloper:
Research Triangle Foundation tapped Willard Retail to developThe Research Triangle Foundation is moving forward with the core of its larger "Park Center" redevelopment in this "Town Center" project (the naming of these designations gets a little confusing. Everything seems to be the "center"). The idea is to make a little downtown area that has basics like …

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