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Durham Development Watchlist - June 2019

Quick Note: Thank you so much to ChapelHillSean, Mitch, elevatoroperator, Blue_Devil_Bull_city, tom, and nicholas for jumping in and engaging on the forums! There is some great discussion there and they have great insight on development in Durham (discussion of rental apartments vs. condos in the area, American Tobacco expansion, and a ton more). The more perspectives the better, so come join the discussion!

Just like last time, I researched various sources around the Internet to come up with a list of projects that I only have a limited amount of information on. If you know any more details, please share. Even though I am usually wrong, I love speculating about the future of some of these sites. You can too on the forums!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I can't confirm that the projects below are scheduled to move forward, just that I have found information through official channels (digging around Durham Planning sites, etc) that they have been discussed.

Private Development A. The Vega Address…

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