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Durham Development Watchlist - September 2020

I thought it was time for another development watchlist, even though not much has come up over the past few months. As a result, this is a short one.

A. Mangum Condos - 521 N Mangum St18 unit condo building right next to Mangum Flats. Thanks to forum contributor elevatoroperator who found the new website and rendering for "Array" Condos:

B. Six Townhome Project - 608 N Mangum St6 new townhomes proposed for the original Saltbox site, which likely means the end of that wonderful old shack. They still have their Rockwood location, but that original Saltbox has been a cool place over the years.
C. Market Rate Micro Units - 212 & 218 North Dillard St70 units and the inclusion of "Micro" in the title piqued my interest. Durham may not have a TON of diversity of housing types, but soon, it may have more diversity than a lot of other places.
Update: I did not write down my source for this and can't find it, so take it with a grain of …

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