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Raleigh Looks to Eliminate Parking Minimums - Durham Should Too

I came across a proposed change in the code for our neighbors to the southeast. If the change passes, Raleigh will be only one of a handful of cities across the country that have effectively eliminated minimum parking requirements. This would be exciting and hopefully a step towards Durham doing the same. I wanted to point out two interesting aspects of the proposal, which can be found here . The "Whereases" I LOVE the "whereas" section. In legal documents, there are usually a bunch of "whereas" statements that give background on existing conditions. Whoever wrote this document used it as a place to disparage parking minimum requirements: WHEREAS , the Unified Development Ordinance specifies minimum vehicle parking requirements for certain uses; and WHEREAS , minimum vehicle parking requirements act as a subsidy for driving, which leads to more miles driven, increased carbon emissions, and worsened community health; and WHEREAS , minimum vehicle parking re

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