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RTP: A Strong and Exciting Future

Dave's Note: This is a guest post from Ben Pattison and I couldn't be happier about it. I typically focus on downtown Durham, but RTP is such an important part of Durham and recent announcements in the region have been arriving fast and furious. Ben compiles the highlights here and demonstrates what a banner year RTP has had. It is also important to note that this was written before the recent announcement that Adverum Biotechnologies will invest $80 million into a new facility in Durham. The exact location doesn't appear to be disclosed, but the RTP area would be a good bet! About the Author: Ben grew up in North Carolina and his family moved to the Triangle when he was in high school. He attended Wake Forest and worked in Durham for a year before spending the next decade in DC and Boston. He moved back to North Carolina with his now wife and Durham seemed like a perfect fit as a diverse, eclectic place with great food and activities. Ben is fascinated by following the dev

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