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Sprawl in Durham: Part Two - Expanding Housing Choices and Beyond

This post is part two of a two-part series on sprawl and housing affordability in Durham. If you missed part one on why sprawl is a problem, read it here first. Today, we will explore Durham's proposal to address sprawl and missing middle housing.

First, I wanted to say that it has officially been over a year since Building Bull City launched. Thanks to everyone who reads and participates! Now, on to the content.

As we saw in the last post, sprawl and low-density development have had some detrimental effects on cities across the country, including Durham. In part, it's what's responsible for the high housing prices. However, big wholesale changes are not politically feasible and may have other negative consequences including losing the identity of Durham. So, the city government has introduced an initiative called Expanding Housing Choices. Through this program, Durham hopes to make changes in the zoning code to allow for small increases in density in an effort to combat s…

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