Missed Hits: The Terraces at Morehead Hill

A riff on my Quick Hits series, these are some of the Durham developments that I previously missed, but want to highlight.

The Terraces at Morehead Hill

Downtown/Southside/Morehead Hill

25 Townhomes, 3 designs:
3,378 sq ft
3,998 sq ft
3,935 sq ft

Land Purchase Price:

Estimated Construction Cost:

Expected Completion Date:
Summer 2019

25 townhomes starting in the $700,000's. Each will have a rooftop terrace and high end finishes.

Florian Companies (partners: DAS Architecture, Coulter Jewel Thames, California Commercial Investment Group)

Thanks again to reader elevatoroperator for pointing this one out! This project has a full marketing website already and everything, but what is strange is that the Durham records show that the land is still owned by Morehead Hills Senior Apartments (the senior apartment complex next door).

So, while the marketing info is out there, I couldn't find much about the purchase price or the construction cost. Since the developer would have to sub-divide the plots, it is possible that Durham simply hasn't updated their records yet, though.

These will clearly be very high-end apartments, just south of the Bulls stadium and right next to the American Tobacco Trail. Their estimate of a Summer 2019 completion date is pretty ludicrous, I think, but we will see how it progresses.

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