Durham Development Watchlist - February 2020

Once again, there are some small, but exciting projects on the horizon. I am still waiting to hear announcements for larger projects like Five Points, American Tobacco Campus's 2nd site, and BrodyCo's redevelopment of the Lakewood Shopping Center, but for now, here is what has been submitted recently:

A. Plum Restaurant

Address: 501 Washington St

Renovation in the larger "City Place" project that was previously announced. The submittal is labeled "Plum Restaurant". I can't find any more details than that, but I am hopeful it will be delicious!

B. Townplace Suites

Address: 3114 Hillsborough Rd.

The listing simply says: "Six story hotel and associated parking area."

C. Hillandale Townhomes

Address: 1900 Hillandale Rd.

A submittal for 14 new townhomes and parking was listed as under review. Since then, I have had trouble finding more information, so I'm not sure if this project is still alive or not.

D. North Durham Commercial Building

Address: 1225 Hamlin Rd

I had trouble connecting the dots on this case, so I can't verify all of the details, but it looks like there will be a new 100,000 SF commercial building here. Given the location, I have to assume that this will be office or lab space, but again, I am not sure.

E. Duke Regional Hospital Addition

Address: 3643 N. Roxboro St

I believe this is the start of the previously reported expansion that will ultimately cost over $102 million and create a larger emergency department and psychiatric facilities. This expansion had gotten past me previously, so I am glad I saw this!

A few large-scale projects, but not much in the downtown or immediately surrounding neighborhoods. Share your thoughts on these projects in the forum thread!

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