Durham Development Watchlist - August 2019

Once again, I have scoured various sources to come up with possible development projects. If you are new here, these projects are either rumored, subject to change, or I have limited info, so feel free to chime in with more info or projects that I may have missed. You can give your $0.02 on the forums!

As always, these, along with all projects that I have covered around Durham can be found on the Durham Development Map.

A. City Place

Address 501 Washington St

City Place is already built, but I came across this marketing brochure recently. Scroll down and you will see that "A brand new class A office building is planned for this site and the existing historic structure is being redeveloped with more active uses. Food/beverage, boutique fitness, and retail uses are options for this very cool loft-style building."

B. AC Marriott Hotel

Address: 740 S. Lasalle

If you have been paying attention to the forums, you already know about this project. User "Gib" helped track down information on the development of a new hotel at Erwin Terrace. This looks to be a 142-room, 4-story hotel on a 2-level concrete podium. Renderings below:

C. Persian Ice Cream Shop

Address: 2708 Chapel Hill Rd

Now we get into some of the smaller projects. This is under construction and is listed on the Durham permit site as an "Ice Cream Shop". Rumors are that it will be a Persian Ice Cream shop. I am not familiar with that type of ice cream, but it sounds interesting.

What's even more interesting is that they are adding on to the existing structure on this lot (instead of building from scratch). Take a look at this Google Maps photo. I am impressed with the fact that they are adaptively reusing it.

D. Old Four Square Restaurant

Address: 2701 Chapel Hill Rd

Records indicate that unfortunately (for me), the Old Four Square restaurant is scheduled to be put back into use as a single family residence. It was purchased by a successful local entrepreneur, so kudos to him as it will probably end up being an amazing house. I would have loved to see it be another restaurant, though.

E. Self-Storage Facility

Address: 3724 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd

I included this because I was curious about the construction when I drove by it recently, only to be let down, finding out it was going to be a Self-Storage business. I wanted to pose the question to the readers - why is this happening? I am surprised that this was deemed the highest and best use for the location. Is it an indication that the 15-501 business corridor still has a long way to go? Is it just a fluke and this land fell into someone's lap for a below-market price?

Share your thoughts on the Self-Storage building and all of these projects in the forums!

Oh, and P.S.

F. Morehead Townhomes

Address: 707 Morehead Ave & 1012 Vickers Ave

I almost forgot to include this project, submitted by a reader. These two parcels, which make up the entire block would preserve the historic homes and add 17 new townhomes in a pocket neighborhood. The full Certificate of Appropriateness Report (since it is the Morehead Historic District), can be found here.

Meanwhile, for those that don't have time to comb through the entire report, here are some sketches of the proposed site plan and a couple of possible townhome concepts.

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