Friday Update: Orchard Park, Hunt St, Queen St, Washington St

We have photos and quick updates this Friday!

First, I drove by Orchard Park on Duke St yesterday and had to stop to take some photos:

I know this is a stylistic judgement and style is subjective, but I think they are doing a great job with the classic brick look. I also noticed that they are using Talbert, a great local company.

I don't know a ton about construction costs, but I do wonder if the classic brick look is something that could be applied to middle and lower end homes as well. These townhomes will be VERY high end, listing in the $700k range.

Regardless, I am excited to see how these turn out.

Also, thanks so much to reader Chris who found some great properties on LoopNet.

The Vega - 214 Hunt St

The latest addition to the Central Park area was listed in the Development Watchlist and has more info on LoopNet here. Details below:

Property Type: Office and Residential

Rental Rate (Office): $26/SF/YR

Estimated Completion: 2020

Elliott Square - 603 N Queen St

This is a new one that Chris found. Between Old Five Points and the new library, Elliott Square looks to be a purely townhome residential development. Even at the high end, it is nice to see so many of these "human scale" (aka not gigantic) residential developments going up.

603 N Queen St, Durham, NC 27701

Property Type: Residential Townhomes

Size: 37 Units, 1,700 SF each, 3 Bed/3 Bath (mostly)

Condo Listing Price: $500k range (Plus HOA Fees)

Estimated Completion: 2020

Marketing Copy: It's where neighborhood meets metro, where style vibes with your lifestyle. Elliott Square is Downtown Durham. Delivered. Experience thoughtful design - rooftop living, light-filled spaces & private garages. High ceilings & sleek finishes come standard, along with your chance to customize. We set the bar high for being low-maintenance, clean & connected. From your rooftop terrace, take in vistas of the Cleveland-Holloway treeline & Bull City skyline. At Elliott Square, embrace the energy of urban living.

949 Washington St

Another good find from Chris. 949 Washington Street is an office project. It's a little further north than other Central Park/Warehouse district development, which means it's likely betting on the Durham Belt Line project (which is projected to go right by this area). Some of the photos have pictures of a coffee shop, but I think that is just a "for show" amenity for the office that the marketing team dreamed up (I could be wrong).

Property Type: Office

Size: Over 36k SF

Rental Rate: Unlisted

Estimated Completion: 2020

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