Durham Development Watchlist - June 2019

Quick Note: Thank you so much to ChapelHillSean, Mitch, elevatoroperator, Blue_Devil_Bull_city, tom, and nicholas for jumping in and engaging on the forums! There is some great discussion there and they have great insight on development in Durham (discussion of rental apartments vs. condos in the area, American Tobacco expansion, and a ton more). The more perspectives the better, so come join the discussion!

Just like last time, I researched various sources around the Internet to come up with a list of projects that I only have a limited amount of information on. If you know any more details, please share. Even though I am usually wrong, I love speculating about the future of some of these sites. You can too on the forums!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I can't confirm that the projects below are scheduled to move forward, just that I have found information through official channels (digging around Durham Planning sites, etc) that they have been discussed.

Private Development

A. The Vega

Address 214 Hunt Street

This looks to be a mixed use project. From the description: "59 condominiums, 6030 sf commercial space and two levels of structured parking 39079 SF". It appears to be named after Vega Metals, which I believe moved out of that space.

B. Corporation Street Townhomes

Address: 211 W. Corporation St

These would be three townhomes on West Corporation Street and reportedly Credle Engineering Company is involved with the project. Even more density in the Old Five Points area.

C. Cole Mill Road Hotel

Address: 1200 Cole Mill Rd

This would be a 7 story hotel just off of I-85 on Cole Mill Road. There are a lot of hotel options in that area already. It will be interesting to watch the Hillsborough Rd area develop as well.

D. Gateway Center Building 2

Address: 425 S Roxboro Street

This is just a little more confirmation from last time that there is a project at least tentatively called "Gateway Center" going up next to BullHouse (which ALSO used to be called Gateway before landing on BullHouse). It appears from the title that there will be multiple buildings. The latest calls this project "112 Multi-family Development" - not sure if that means 112 units or something else.

E. North Roxboro Street Condos

Address: 606 N Roxboro St

This project looks to be and eight unit condo building. Currently, this parcel is occupied by the Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church. It seems to be large enough of a parcel to develop other uses. At the end of 2018, the property was purchased for $900k by an LLC based out of a Chapel Hill law firm (my guess is that this is a private developer as another address for the business that popped up was a private residence in Cary).

F. NC Museum of Life and Science Classroom and Warehouse

Address: 433 W Murray Ave

While not a project I would traditionally follow, the Life and Science Museum is so much fun! Really happy to see that they are thriving and expanding. More educational and programming from them is certainly welcome. From the description: "Adding 4000 square feet of warehouse, 1230 square feet of quarantine, and 2355 square feet of classroom area".

G. Oakridge

Address: 4950 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd (15-501, between the Oak Creek Village strip mall and New Hope Commons (back behind that service road that has New Hope Animal Hospital)

Another really interesting addition. This one's description says: "100,000 SF mixed use development with associated surface parking. Office, retail and restaurant." It doesn't seem like the death of the light rail killed development along this corridor. University Hill construction is going strong and now there is the emergence of this project.

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