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I have a short post today. I recently did a little digging around the Internet to try to find interesting projects. My information is incomplete on these projects, but I will have my eye on them going forward. If any of you have any information to share, please let me know!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I can't confirm that the projects below are scheduled to move forward, just that I have found information through official channels (digging around Durham Planning sites, etc) that they have been discussed.

Private Development

A. Brodmont Lakewood

2101 House Ave

Prospective group of four multifamily buildings with an estimated 78 units. Owned by Brodyco (also owner of the southern half of the Lakewood Shopping Center). The interesting thing about this property is that it is 5.7 acres! That is quite large. For comparison, Liberty Warehouse apartments are on 2.6 acres (I am NOT implying that Brodyco plans to build something similar to Liberty Warehouse. I have no info about their plans).

B. Bullhouse Phase II

504 E. Pettigrew St

I'm not sure how up-to-date the information I found on this one is, but MAYBE Bullhouse is adding 200 more units? Perhaps it is simply opening up more of the units that were already built and just not livable yet.

C. Gateway Durham

425 S. Roxboro St

Activity is happening next to Bullhouse as well. I originally talked about 411 S. Roxboro St, but have also seen "Gateway Durham" listed at 425 S. Roxboro St with an estimated 366 units.

D. Western Bypass Student

2717 Western Bypass

I can only imagine that this will be housing geared towards Duke students, from the name. This is estimated to have 84 units.

E. Blue Light Living

1605 Erwin Rd

This is the property with Sam's Quik Shop, which went through the news cycle until it was ultimately confirmed that it would be sold and redeveloped. It is estimated to be 80 units.

F. 518 Morehead Ave

I don't have a name for this one, but it is particularly interesting as it is so close to downtown/American Tobacco as well as all the new projects around the transit station. However, it feels cut off by the Durham Freeway. It is estimated to have 124 units. This site 3.69 acres and is currently used by the Greystone Inn as a parking lot

G. and H. Public Housing

IndyWeek just came out with an article about the redevelopment process that has been discussed for a while for Durham public housing. In addition to the interesting news that I missed about J.J. Henderson Housing taking the place of Oldham Towers in the priority list, IndyWeek reported that it might take up to a decade for a place like McDougald Terrace to be redeveloped.

I'm not sure what it means, but I found McDougald Terrace on a list of proposed redevelopment. Again, I have no idea if this means redevelopment of McDougald is eminent, but it may indicate that it is higher on the list than previously thought.

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