Quick Hits: The Roxboro at Venable Center

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The Roxboro at Venable Center


2 buildings, 8 stories
200 apartments, 202,000 sq ft of office space, retail space (amount undisclosed)

Purchase Price:
$3.85 million (2018)

Estimated Cost:

Expected Completion Date:

The office component will constitute the top floors and will include a sky deck lounge, fitness center, and conference center.

Partnership between Wheelock Street Capital, Trinity Capital, and SLI Capital

I'll be honest, the "quick hits" news has been a little sparse lately. There was so much in 2018 that I thought 2019 might be slower. That still may be the case, but this is a big announcement. It's another win for downtown office space (which continues to be drastically undersupplied).

This space is the gravel parking lot just east of Bull City Ciderworks, across from Bullhouse. One building will be on this lot and the second, it appears, will be on another lot that they also own, right next to the current Venable Center. In fact, thanks to reader elevatoroperator for pointing out that this might be the "Bullhouse Phase II" that I wrote about in the development watchlist recently. It's a different developer and slightly different address, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have been a temporary code for the project. It DOES feature 200 apartments, just like Bullhouse Phase II indicated.

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