Durham Development Watchlist - April 2020

Some plans are still moving ahead, even during this strange time. However, it is possible that this could be the last Development Watchlist for a little while. I have heard that construction lending has dried up quite a bit. We will see. But for now, here are some of the projects on the docket! Of course, we will see how quickly these come out of the ground.

A. Ellis Rd Residential & Hotel Project

Address: 2109 Ellis Road

From the description of this project: "Residential development with 525 apartment units, Maximum of 275,000 sf of non-residential uses, 12 fuel station gas, 140 key hotel"

I think this project is far from being finalized, but an interesting one to watch.

B. Top Golf

Address: 4865 Page Rd

Somewhere in the back of my memory, I seem to remember this being announced, but the development plan is now in place. This is far from downtown, but seems like a big enough project to include here.

C. Bull City Mod

Address: 507, 509 W Geer Street -- 219, 220 Hargrove St -- 1600 Glendale Ave

These have been built and are on the market. Modern style homes have been popping up a lot in this general vicinity (Pleiades Modern, etc). I am curious what it is about this neighborhood that inspires a modern style. Interesting!

Photo from Chappell Residential

D. Erwin Terrace Self Storage

Address: 2814 Erwin Rd

I felt as though I had to include another self-storage plan here. This is over at Erwin Terrace (Erwin & Lasalle). I imagine this will be targeted at Duke students, but I always get a little sad when I see another self-storage unit go up.

E. Popeye's Fast Food

Address: 3400 Westgate Dr

This one barely made the list, but I thought it was somewhat interesting that a new outparcel is being planned for the shopping center with Atomic Empire, Li Ming's, etc.

As always, share your thoughts on these projects in the forum thread!

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