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43 Acres
- Buildings up to 300 ft tall
- 1 million SF office
- 375 hotel rooms
- 850 residential units
- 150,000 SF retail

Estimated Development Cost:
$140 million

Expected Completion Date:


Vertical and horizontal mixed-use buildings across the 43-acre site, a portion of the 100 acres that the Research Triangle Foundation has designated for development.

This project has been brewing for a while, but since the developer was announced, I decided the time is right to put it out as a Quick Hit (apologies to those who are already well aware of the project).

The project and its renderings look really impressive. It looks dense. It has a great mix of uses. However, I am remaining cautious with my enthusiasm for the project. It could be great, but my fear is that it could also feel fake. Will it have room for a diversity of people or just 850 luxury residential units, half of which are corporately owned for employees when they travel to RTP? Will it have a diversity of retail or just instagram-worthy food places? Will it feel like a town center that is walkable and livable, or an island that is only accessed by car during normal business hours?

I honestly don't know. It very well could turn out to be a great place and even if it feels a little "fake" as outlined above, maybe that's ok. Maybe it's ok to have another fun place to work or visit on the weekends, even if living there isn't much different from living in the suburbs (Boxyard sounds really fun). I hope it succeeds, but not at the detriment of the success of downtown Durham (or Raleigh, or other towns in the Triangle). My hunch is that the region has enough momentum that RTP Hub can succeed along side area downtowns, but I think my hesitance is at least worth bringing up.

What do you think? There has already been some discussion on the topic in other threads. Come weigh in! Find the forum discussion here!

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