A Call for New Writers

Building Bull City Needs Help!

For the past 2.5 years I have been writing blog posts about once every two weeks. It has fit well into my lifestyle, even though I am fairly busy.

I currently have a full-time job and my family to think about, including my amazing 2-year-old daughter. BUT - I am about to get even busier.  We recently found out that my wife is pregnant with twin boys. Preparing for the arrival of two babies has already been hectic and I can't imagine what it will be like once they arrive.

One option is that I post less frequently. However, I thought it might be the right time to reach out to see if there is someone (or someones) out there who loves Durham, can write short-form blog posts, and has something to say related to Durham's built environment.

There is no pay involved, because this blog doesn't make any money, but here are the benefits as I see them:

  • Access - if there is anyone in the community that you want to build a relationship with for future job prospects, general interest, etc, the blog is a great excuse to meet with them. If you are fascinated by the work someone does in Durham, chances are the readers are too, so it is a win-win.
  • Resume Builder - I don't think contributor to a small blog is a huge deal on your resume, but it does speak to how engaged in your local area you are.
  • Contribution - if you are like me and love Durham (or could see yourself growing to love Durham), you may be looking for a way to participate in helping the city. There are MANY ways you can participate, but I have found that this way suits me well, and it may suit you.
  • Connection - This blog is still relatively modest in size. We do have some great, influential readers throughout Durham, though. It can't hurt to have your name out there.
  • Applied Learning - during my time at UNC's Department of City and Regional Planning, I LOVED learning a concept or calculation and applying it to Durham. It was easy to come up with new ideas for posts.
If you are interested in contributing (regularly, irregularly, whatever):
  1. Look around the site at some of the posts and see if this is the type of content you are interested in writing. You can certainly disagree with my posts and write posts that I disagree with. You will also have your own style. But just make sure this blog is the right playing field for you.

  2. Reach out! dave@buildingbullcity.com

  3. Tell me a little about yourself, your interest in Durham, your writing ability, and if you have any ideas for posts off the top of your head (not necessary).
In terms of generating ideas, I hope that a contributor would bring their own ideas to the table based on their experience, interests, classwork, news articles, books, etc. However, I do have a collection of posts that I meant to write, but have not gotten around to, so I am happy to share those ideas as well.

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