Grab Bag: January 2020

Just a quick post today as the new year is still getting warmed up! Below are a few updates and tidbits from the Durham (and Triangle) real estate world.

Morgan St Garage Tenants

I was recently looking at the listing for the Morgan St Garage (the parking deck that is wrapped with retail space) and noticed that two tenants have signed up. For those who haven't seen this, it look like there will be:
  • An unnamed Indian Restaurant
  • Sweets by Shayda (assuming this is another location for this Raleigh Sweet Shop)

Indian food is one of my favorites and a sweet shop sounds great as well, especially since the Cupcake Bar closed a while back.

New Addition to the BBC Store

The Building Bull City store isn't all that popular. That's ok. I only pay a fee when something is purchased, so why not leave it up? I did want to add a bumper sticker design that popped into my head. It might be the planning-nerdiest bumper sticker ever created:

Hopefully it is apparent, but the sticker pokes fun at the fact that, here in the Triangle, we are forced into cars by sprawl.

New York Times Article

The New York Times recently published an article looking at various development patterns over the past decade in the United States. It covered quite a few phenomena, but it specifically referenced Durham and used the following satellite image comparison:

Despite the sprawling pattern that Durham has, it is really nice to be reminded of the growth and amazing densification happening in the city. It may not be instantaneous, but it is happening as demonstrated by surface parking lots being turned into better uses.

The Acorn

For those of you who haven't heard of the Acorn, Jed Byrne who is really tapped into the commercial real estate landscape in Raleigh and often does meetups with The Raleigh Connoisseur has a great weekly newsletter called the Acorn. It is focused on development in Raleigh as well as some national news/trends, so if you are interested in the Triangle as a whole, I highly recommend signing up here.

Thoughts? Visit the thread for this post on the forum here. That's it for today - hope you have a great week!

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