Durham: A Morphing City

This week I had a bit of fun with Google Streetview. The built environment of Durham has changed so much in the past few years and Google has chronicled a lot of that change by taking streetview photos every so often.

I found a piece of software that will stitch together photos into a morphing GIF and decided to make a few animations of Durham spots over time.

Unfortunately, it is a free software and produces pretty low-res images (that are still somehow really big in file size!), so I apologize for the quality. I still think they are fun.

P.S. If you are reading this post in an email, you will probably need to click through to the actual webpage to view the animations.

Rigsbee Street (Surf Club and The Bar)

Hunt Street (The Brannan & Durham.ID)

One City Center

Final note, if you like these and have a specific request for a location you would like to see animated, let me know and I may do another one of these posts. Just leave a post in the forums! (or you can email me on the Contact Page)

It just has to be in a place that has had significant change over time. For instance, Streetview is not great at picking up subtle changes like improved sidewalks.

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