Quick Hits: RDU Changes

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RDU Changes


6 story garage
11,850 parking spaces total (between old and new parking facilities)

Purchase Price:

Estimated Cost:
$500 million+

Expected Completion Date:

New parking facility with space to bring rental car companies within walking distance.

Of course, I don't normally post on development outside of Durham. I also am generally negative on new parking developments. But this is a special case - an airport (that affects the future of Durham a whole lot). 

I will be honest, having flown in and out of La Guardia in NYC a number of times, I never thought the process at RDU was all that bad. It's been a while since I rented a car here, but getting in and out of the airport is a relatively pleasant experience.

That said, these changes look like they will make the experience even better.

11 rental car companies will be located in the new deck and will have facilities in an adjacent building for cleaning and servicing the cars. Meanwhile, the ground level of the existing deck will have Uber/Lyft pickup as well as taxis, shuttles, limos, etc.

Nothing was mentioned about busses. It would be great to get better GoTriangle service, curb space, and overall access at RDU.

The only other downside that I can see is a temporary one. The loop will have to be shifted and I am sure that means construction that will affect the current experience.

Another important piece are new walkways (one elevated and one underground) that will connect pedestrians to the garage, eliminating pedestrians crossing the road. In the context of an airport, specifically, I think this separation of modes will be tremendously helpful and safer.

Video of CONRAC below:

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