Quick Hits: 300 & 500 E Main St

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300 & 500 E Main St

Rendering of 500 E Main St


305 affordable residential apartments
250 market rate apartments
Parking Decks with 1,902 spaces
41,340 SF of commercial

Purchase Price:

Estimated Cost:
$98.6 million (this may be leaving out some of the commercial development costs)

Expected Completion Date:

Mix of affordable and market rate residential units. Commercial space with area for a Pre-K child care facility. Large parking decks.

Apartments amenities include lounge/cafe, fitness center, multi-purpose room, computer/business center.

Laurel Street Residential & Zom Living
Design: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting and Neighboring Concept
Construction: Balfour Beatty, WeaverCooke, and Harmon Construction

Local Development Consultant: James Rogers of Ashley’s Corner, LLC
Legal: Banks Law Firm

Durham has been researching the best use of 300 and 500 E Main Street for a while and they have finally chosen a project. It's a big one too! It features mixed income, mixed use, a Pre-K and ground level retail. It also features a TON of parking. However, this project easily could have been ONLY parking decks, so it is great to see all of these other uses as well.

300 & 500 E Main Street should really activate that part of downtown and provide affordable options in a central location. Combined with the redevelopment efforts of the Durham Housing Authority, there should be more affordable units in desirable locations that allow for access to downtown jobs.

For those of you who really want to dig in, you can find the full accepted proposal here.

More images below.
Rendering of 300 E Main St

300 E Main St

500 E Main St

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