Announcement: New Forums

Quick Announcement: I have turned off blog post comments and am launching the Building Bull City Forum.

I often hear people say they want a place to discuss development and other topics related to Durham. I don't know if this forum will be that place, but I decided to launch it because there are so many Durhamites out there with great perspectives and better knowledge than I have about the development that is happening around the city.

I hope this can be an even better resource than the blog and selfishly, I great resource for ME to learn more about what's going on in Durham.

However, the forum will probably be slow at first. So I ask that you:

  • Be patient and check back when you can
  • Contribute! Create new threads and respond to current threads
  • Give me any feedback you have on new categories, how to get the word out, etc.
While the forums are connected to Building Bull City, it really doesn't belong to me. So, it is only as valuable if a group of people use it.

Thank you!

New Forum!

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