Introducing: The Building Bull City Online Store

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I have officially launched the Building Bull City online store! I hear you asking an important question out there in cyberspace: why?

There are a couple of reasons for launching the store. The first, is because I like fun projects and I would love to see if I can create a design that people might actually be interested in wearing. I have NO idea if I have succeeded, but I am excited to wear these t-shirts, so I at least have one customer: myself!

The second, and much less important reason is to offset some of the costs of running the blog (hosting, etc). I will continue to create content regardless, but if you want to support the blog in some way, you can buy something. Of course, after TeeSpring fees, my cut isn't very large, but again, this is a minor reason.

You will notice that I didn't put any "Building Bull City" branding on these shirts. Again, my main goal is to create something that at least one other person wants to wear. I am not creating a "promo product".

All that said, I am launching with two designs and a multitude of products (TeeSpring makes it easy to simply add more products and use the same design). Let's take a closeup look at each design first:

Downtown Map Design

And here it is on a shirt that I ordered for myself:


The print quality is pretty good, but not good enough to read the street names. You can still definitely make out the downtown loop, though. 

919 Design

Again - here it is on a shirt I ordered for myself:

For this one, the lighter grey on the tower didn't come out, but I don't mind the one-color look,

You can check out all the products on my storefront, so click through and check out what is available! A selection of some of the other colors/products are below, but check out the full offering.

Depending on how this does, I may add more designs in the future. I have some ideas, but some of them are beyond my design skills (which are limited). Let me know what you think (even negative feedback is appreciated).

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