Quick Hits: Yancey Street Condos

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Yancey Street Condos

Downtown/Morehead Hill/West End

44 Condos, Half Acre Lot

Estimated Cost:
Unknown - still in plan approval stage

Expected Completion Date:

These 44 condo units would range in size from 1,200 sq ft all the way down to 420 sq ft.

ReVamp Durham & Center Studio Architecture

The area on the western edge of downtown is changing quite a bit. Between the eventual redevelopment of the old police headquarters, new townhomes that are going up, the American Tobacco expansion, Broadstone Apartments, and the Willard Street Affordable Apartments, the next few years will be construction heavy in the area and eventually, should be a pretty compelling, walkable part of the city with plenty of mixed uses.

It is interesting that the units will be as small as 420 square feet in some cases. One quote from the Herald-Sun article struck me. One of the architects, Scott Harmon said "We are trying to bring a little bit of diversity to the market, so that a wider range of people can have options downtown."

We don't know what these apartments will be priced at yet. I would doubt they will be priced at a level that could be considered "missing middle" housing, but I am excited that there are people in Durham who are interested in bringing a variety of living options to the Bull City. With affordable housing in the area, this smaller footprint unit building and all of the other projects, this part of town has the potential to thrive with diversity. I appreciate how rare this type of diversity and robustness is, not just in Durham, but in cities across the country. This area has the potential to be pretty special.


  1. The 420 sf studio apartments are interesting. I wonder how basic/lavish they'll be. I agree with what you've said in that I doubt they'll be "missing middle" levels of affordable right now because there is so much demand that people will be willing to pay just under what a larger place would cost. The 443 sq. ft. studios in Bell West End/605 go for $1000-$1500/mo. per their website (and that isn't just a "haggle me down" price, the people I knew were paying between $1,100-$1,200 when they lived there a few years ago). However, I imagine 20 and 30 years from now these units will be forming the base of the reasonably affordable downtown living available to Durhamites in the market at that time.

    1. Absolutely - the more varied types of buildings Durham builds now, the more options will be available as older, 20 year-old condos down the line, when the wealthy have moved on to the next thing!


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