Quick Hits: Witherspoon Apartments

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Witherspoon Apartments

Patterson Place

3.7 acres
400,000 sq ft

Estimated Cost:

Purchase Price:
$7.748 million

Expected Completion Date:

The first phase is approved for the project which includes 295 apartments and 2,000 sq ft of retail space.

Crowne Partners (based in Birmingham, AL)

With the University Hill development very nearby, this is another development that seems to be centered around the Durham-Orange Light Rail corridor. It is a little surprising that they are only including 2,000 sq feet of retail space. This project is right in Patterson Place, so there is quite a bit of retail in the area, but in its current state, Patterson Place isn't very walkable.

The approved plan is phase 1, so there may be more retail and/or office space coming in later phases as well. I don't have too much to say about this that isn't already covered in my thoughts for University Hill, but it is more evidence of growth along 15/501. It's not where I would want to live, but more housing in the area is needed and there will be people who are interested in living there for the amenities and ease of commute.

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