Quick Hits: Springhill Suites Hotel

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Springhill Suites - 705 S Mangum St


104 room hotel on 1.5 acres

Purchase Price:
$1.6 million

Estimated Cost:

Expected Completion Date:
Fall/Winter 2019

77,323 square feet with 4,640 square feet dedicated to restaurant space, plus 105 parking spaces

U.S. Hotels Inc.

Another project in Durham that almost certainly will not be complete by its estimated 2019 date. This hotel is interesting though. It seems to indicate the expansion of the downtown area, southward. I have also heard rumors of redevelopment happening in the shopping mall just east of this site.

Durham certainly needs more hotel rooms (even with so many rooms opening in the past few years). It will be interesting to watch this project and more importantly, the surrounding area develop. Currently, a few old, worn-down office buildings exist on the site and will be torn down for the construction.


  1. Heritage Square (the shopping center) won't be redeveloped until Scientific Properties sells it. About 12 years ago there was a plan to redevelop the whole thing but it fell apart.

    What DHA does will be very influential because Forest Hill Heights (immediately west of the Springhill Suites site) and Fayette Place (just east of Fayetteville St. about a block east of Heritage Square) are both scheduled to be redeveloped. DHA doesn't move exceptionally fast so it will probably be years before this comes to fruition.

    Meanwhile there is still a lot of underdeveloped land just north of the Durham Freeway (near Ponysaurus, next to American Tobacco, etc.).

  2. Big changes coming to Venable Center just north of here. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2018/08/02/venable-center-owners-buy-more-land-for-100m.html?ana=lnk


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