Quick Hits: South Ellerbe Wetland

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South Ellerbe Wetlands

Warehouse District

9 acres

Development Cost:
TBD - Design scheduled to be completed in 2019

Expected Completion Date:
End of 2020

Public access with boardwalks and educational signage to the Ellerbe Creek stormwater restoration wetlands

Completing the project by the end of 2020 seems optimistic, but even if it takes longer, the South Ellerbe Wetlands will provide a great public space in Durham. It will connect the recently improved Ellerbe Creek Trail to the Durham Belt Line. Part of Durham's identity is as an urban neighborhood surrounded by great natural resources. You can see it in the local farm to table food scene. You can see it in the fact that residents love visiting the Eno. You can see it in the efforts to plant trees in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

This project, combined with the Durham Belt Line would go a long way for public outdoor spaces in Durham that celebrate nature without sacrificing the gritty urban feel that exists right nearby in the Warehouse District.

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