Welcome! I'm Dave and I'm glad to have you at Building Bull City. I am a 34-year-old Durham homeowner. I have a wife and my first kid on the way (very excited - a baby girl!). I created this blog to "scratch my own itch". There are some great Durham sites that cover food, history/historic buildings, neighborhoods and other aspects of Durham, but I couldn't find many resources on the growth and change of the city.

Personally, I am really excited for Durham. It is growing and changing and I believe it has the opportunity to shape itself into one of the truly special small cities in America. A city that prospers, but takes care of all of its citizens. A city that builds great new infrastructure, but maintains its unique personality. A city that gets to choose what it will be known for (great restaurants? startup culture? strong community? all of the above?)

I have added this About Page at the request of some of the readers. I am a relatively private person - not looking for the spotlight on a personal level. However, in the off chance that this does develop some sort of readership, readers deserve to understand who/what is behind the words they are reading. I am not a Durham city employee in any capacity. I'm just someone who has fallen in love with the city of Durham - excited by all the changes that are happening, and hoping to raise issues to help spur even more great change where it is needed (I fully recognize that Durham is nowhere near perfect).

Again, thanks for stopping by. My one request is that you engage. Leave a comment on a post you like. Contact me directly. I am private in that I don't want my picture or last name front and center on this public blog, but I love to connect directly!


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