Quick Hits: The Blue Light

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The Blue Light

Duke/Old West Durham

7 stories
80 Units (2 and 3 Bedroom), 3,000 sq ft of retail

Purchase Price:
$5 million (2019)

Estimated Cost:

Expected Completion Date:
August 2020

The office component will constitute the top floors and will include a sky deck lounge, fitness center, and conference center.


Looks like the rumors in the Development Watch List were accurate for this project! This development will specifically target students, as you might expect. This project is located on Erwin Rd, at the former site of Sam's Quik Shop. As a former customer of Sam's, it will be interesting to see what will go into the 3,000 sq ft of retail.

The development will include a lot of the amenities that we have come to see in luxury apartments. From their press release: "a rooftop clubhouse, hot and cold water spas, a grilling area, a fire pit, a state-of-the-art fitness center, study rooms, areas equipped with smart TVs, and more."

Wilmorite has also noted that they have partnered with local firms for engineering (Coulter Jewell Thomas), construction (LeChase), and architecture (MHS Works)


  1. I was kind of hoping for something more geared toward pedestrians (more than a single floor of retail), taller and maybe with offices instead of dwellings. This spot is so close to the future DCO Light Rail stop it's basically on top of it. But instead it's shaping up to simply be very convenient and in all likelihood very expensive housing for wealthy Duke students.

    1. I feel the same way. From their perspective, I think it is the safe bet right now. It's just too early to be certain about the light rail, etc, but student housing will be in high demand there. But from Durham's perspective. It's too bad. But, there are certainly other opportunities and other parts of the city.


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